the list is chronological
everybody , and the   members of Abba quite ok for the first masterpiece written by Benny
SOS from the ABBA album , the LP also provided the first perfect album with no fillers
before Abba , we have some candidates like "the sound of Eve" or "she will love you" for the Hep stars , "there's a little man" and 'Ljuva sextital'.

there is in fact three periods in the Abba catalog that intricate . 
- the classical period (Ring Ring to Arrival) the "learning period" it prolonged the Hep stars lycka period
featuring lots of hits and excellent tracks but few real masterpieces

- the modern period (Arrival ,The Album and Super Trouper)
the perfect fit with the musical landscape of the time , lots of masterpieces
- the futuristic period (Voulez vous , Super Trouper , The Visitors)
a futuristic sound with Voulez vous hailing to the eighties only the few are seventies , Super trouper features some eighties numbers while heading more to all time classics, The visitors is the ultimate eighties album !

so these are the masterpieces

Gonna sing you my Lovesong (is almost the thing)

Mamma Mia
So long
Dancing Queen
My Love My Life
Knowing me knowing you
Money Money Money
That's me
Take a chance on me
the name of the game
Move on
Hole in your soul
I wonder
I'm a marionette
hamlett 111 (the autumn winds)
Summer night city
As good as new
Voulez vous (personally i consider Angeleyes but lots of people don't)
The king has lost his crown
Kisses of Fire
Gimme Gimme Gimme
(Lovelight for me as well)
Super trouper
The Winner takes it all
Happy new year (sound and arrangements)
our last Summer
The Piper
Lay all your love on me
The visitors
head over heels
when all is said and done
I let the music speak
One of us
Slipping through my fingers
Like an angel passing through my room
Should I laugh or cry
The Day before you came
Just like that
Rubber ball man-Under my sun

After Abba

I am the seeker (hidden treasure)

all Chess songs from the different versions

Gemini :

too much love is waited
another you , another me (Abba sound and style , harmony melancholy and sophistication )
just like that (Abba track devoted to chess before landing on Gemini's album!)
mio min mio
I am the universe

the Mio Min Mio OST

all the Klinga mina klockor album

all the November 89 album

Upp till kamp

Beatrice (for Kalle)
(reminiscence of "One of us" with male voice and strong performance )
lassie  (very candid-innocent track about childhood wrapped in a girl-dog friendship)
alska mej 
drommarnas golv (cabaret like track )

from josefin's Shapes :

we won't be going anywhere
where the whales have ceased to sing
midnight dancer
now you see him, now you don't
(the last two dance track reminiscence of Gimme-Bangkok)

kristina från duvemåla

min lust till dej


kom till mig alla

vi öppnar alla




kamfer och lavendel

drömmen om guld

min astrakan


ljusa kvällar om våren

(second part of 'klinga

mina klockor 'long version)


guldet blev till sand

du måste finnas

här har du mej igen

red iron / hjalp mej


var hör vi hemma

i gott bevar

fru vennermans sång 
innan gryningen

vår sista dans
briggens blåögda blonde kapten (very Abba-ish though a waltz)
sång från andra våningen
glasgow boogie
en dans på rosor
på en solskenspromenad 
midnattsdans (menuet Mozart pastiche)
saknadens rum (ultimate beautiful ballad )
kärlekens tid
för dig

han som vunnit allt (Anders Ekborg)
sorgmarsch (used for 'Palme' movie)
en skrift i snön

Hjälp Sökes
bortom sol och måne
den jag ville vara  

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