the worst

the worst is before and after Abba
during Abba years Benny used to scrap lot of songs even they're good !

so before ABBA :

peter pan

jo-jo-nä-nä-men  for brita borg and rolf bengtson

jag är blott en man
ture sventon
both for jarl kulle

during ABBA
i saw it in the miror (abba's version)
me and bobby and bobby's brother
i am just a girl
merry go round
svea,svea *for rutger gunnarsson
dum dum  diddle (only the lyrics but it's quite a good song)
crazy world
and good candidates :
one man, one woman 
i have a dream
two for the price of one

kristina från duvemåla
duvemåla hage
a sunday in battery park
wild cat money

when i close my eyes
den som sa det var det

cirkus finemang
du är min man
crush on you
Allt Syns När Man Är Naken
De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester

2nd Best To None The Rivals
Merry Christmas My Friend
the staff of the Rival Hotel.

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