Friday, October 12, 2012

Tomten har åkt hem

Marsch Militaire (shubert ?)
 Tomten har åkt hem 
Julvals (maybe from BAO!)
Knalle Juls vals (maybe the one on Vintervisor)
Tomtarnas vaktparad 
Mössens julafton (När nätterna blir långa) (recorded by Agnetha with Linda)
Trettondagspolkan (maybe from BAO!)
Julpotpurri (christmas medley)
Nu tändas tusen juleljus (recorded previously by hoots , Hepstars and Agnetha with Linda )

two pieces may have coonnection with the Disney short film 
Santa's Workshop but let's wait and see 

The new BAO album seems to be a christmas album due to be released for the next months .
here we go again , Benny seems to do everything he didn't want to , with ABBA , filler tracks , average songs and now christmas albums !
the title "Tomten har åkt hem " means Tomten (a dwarf who plays the role of Santa in scandinavian 'Jul' wich is christmas day ) is coming home .
it will probably feature non Benny tracks witch seems to become a habit since the last album .
it such a shame that Benny waste his talent in such albums instead of computing film music or classical pieces (just look at the Klinga mina klockor and November 89 albums !)
I'm sure it has to do with lack of inspiration and muses !
let's hope the new piece composed especially for the Piteå new organ , scheduled for october the 21, will fulfill our expectation for high quality music , something we were acustomed in the 70s80s and 90s with Mr Benny Andersson !

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