Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hjälp sökes CD

is Benny flirting again with bitter sweet melancholy and swedish touch ?
yes , it seems that he left good music and inspiration for too long , just to show us now 
 how he's still the master and he proves it !

for those who like me , were disappointed since the BAO 3 album , seeing Benny's music going through a miserable "anglosaxonisation" of his works , as if aiming to the Anglo american market , he'd been producing insipid melodies (Nu mår jag mycket bättre and crush on you ) or stupid tunes (Allt syns när man är naken,De ljuva drömmarnas orkester) or pretentious ones (en dag i sander , story of a heart) !

now with this he's coming back with the Benny Andersson signature , Sofia Pekkari , candid as Agnetha in her early days , she just performs naturally like the Abba girls , though there is no comparison , she makes me finding again my love with Benny's music .

Hjälp sökes

Ouvertyr (04:36) Orkestern

going back to the early days of 'november 89' sometimes it sounds like the background of 'the conducator' to my delight (I was thirsty for this kind of music for too long) 
the melodies are as perfect as can be Benny's signature 

Bortom sol och måne (02:40) Sofia Pekkari
this track is the first 'single' if we can say that !
featuring a young woman singing with her heart and candor , a perfect rendition of a wonderful typical Benny's melody , the lyrics are as complex as the song 
one of the highlights but the best is yet to come !

Själv är bäste dräng (03:24) Johan Ulveson , Magnus Roosmann
the intro is typically Benny , nobody could have think of this kind of intro (it reminds the day when I first heard heaven help my heart , not aware of the demo of course , I was sure that it was benny's at 100 per cent !!) there is russian and hungarian mood (it's not surprising from him ) but there is a new influence from klezmer music , it seems that comes from the orsa's album "Orsa nästa!" (full of it) 
the tune is more beautiful everytime you hear it , it reminds me also of the mood of 'fru vennerman sang' !

Svarta silhuetter (04:45) Sofia
a subtle mix between country's music and swedish folk , it's better evrytime you listen to it (I didn't like it the first time but I enjoy it and it's in my mind all day !
sofia sounds very typical (between  Francoise Hardy and Susanne Vega !) but her voice is unique because of her distinctive vocal timber  , the middle instrumental section is charming and very old fashion as in 'Vår Sista Dans' .

Vågar jag älska dig (03:32) Magnus
here it's as if it was an outtake from Kristina's musical , you could imagine a quiet piece , the singer is naturel but very appeased and  sereine , it's just like an old Abba or Agnetha's tune !
of course the melody is astonishing and again close to those in 'November 89' album 
Stackars Axels sång (02:55) Sofia, Johan ; Magnus
this is just as if he wanted to rock and make an 'ugly tune' like 'florence quit' from chess or rock pieces of Jesus christ superstar !

Den jag ville vara (05:57) Sofia
here is the highlight !
very close to 'the winner takes it all ' and in beauty to 'Saknadens rum'
a splendid melody , performed with such charm and candor , the song worth to buy the entire CD for itself !

Som en hägring (04:57) Johan ; Magnus
another beauitiful tune at the 'vennermans fru' way ! a little bit like teater krokodil 
probably for a fun effect 

Ro hit en dyckert (03:12) Sofia, Johan ; Magnus
maybe the least original tune but still good !

Final (12:43) Orkestern, Sofia, Johan ; Magnus
majestic final with highlights from the musical .

as the year is ending , besides the Agnetha album ,we've been overjoyed this year !!

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