Tuesday, August 22, 2017


the Piano album from Benny is due to be released in sept 29

it will feature tracks from ABBA and solo works
no Gemini , nor ABBA uptempo songs (Money Money Money) which could have been arragemd in an interesting way to a classical Mazurka or allegretto
although 'thank you for the music' is an appropriate choice, he played it so many times on piano that it is now far from a surporise version (they used to surprise us with every new ABBA album)
the tracklist is :
1. I Let The Music Speak 
2. You And I 
3. Aldrig 
4. Thank You For The Music 
5. Stockholm By Night 
6. Chess 
7. The Day Before You Came 
8. Someone Else's Story 
9. Midnattsdans 
10. Målarskolan 
11. I Wonder 
12. Embassy Lament 
13. Anthem 
14. My Love, My Life 
15. Mountain Duet 
16. Flickornas Rum 
17. Efter Regnet 
18. Tröstevisa 
19. En Skrift I Snön 
20. Happy New Year 
21. I Gott Bevar 
no new materiel ???
not a deception but I expected more !

Update !
the deluxe edition, including 2 extra tracks ‘Money, Money, Money’ and ‘Jag Hör available lately

 23rd Nov 2018

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